​​​Margaret Regan

    President & CEO, The FutureWork Institute

​Chair, International MultiCultural Institute

​Howard Ross

    Co-Founding Partner, Udarta Consulting

​Founder, Cook Ross

Co-Chairs of the IAC Leadership Council on What Makes Us Unique

Strong IAC Brand Equity:  95.6% of members would recommend IAC to others

Close to 50% of members were referred by a colleague

670+ members – 10-fold increase since launch in 2017

"Magnet” for those seeking knowledge, insights and resources on DEI


"As a corporate CDO, now working from home during the pandemic, the IAC has become my community of DEI practitioners. I look forward to our monthly exchanges, the leading-edge webinars and the faces of friends and colleagues."

"What an amazing group of tremendous minds in the field!"

Our Vision

Recent IAC advocacy positions on the Derek Chauvin verdict, Asian and Asian-American Hate Crimes, Charlottesville and Hate Speech, Immigration Policy

Reputation of Founders who were DEI pioneers

Webinars push the limits of DEI professionals knowledge

Senior practitioners mentor those with less experience

Social media followers, friends and connection across 6 continents

Links to webinars provided by Coalition members on Dealing with Post-Election Trauma, Dialogues Across Differences, Race Dialogues, Gender Dialogues, etc.

Who We Are

Miriam Muléy

     Owner & CEO, The 85% Niche

​Co-Chair IAC Leadership Council


List of our Members and Committee  Co-Chairs and a form to join us to support those who feel marginalized as we advocate for inclusive policies and practices

A coalition of organizations  and practitioners committed to diversity, equity and inclusion within our organizations and society. 

Organizational Members

"I joined IAC for the Vision and stayed for the Content and Community!"

Articles that can be used to spark dialogue or as background reading for those interested in the latest studies and thinking on how we can all be inclusion allies.

We serve as allies for those who feel marginalized and advocates for inclusive policies and practices. 

"Thank you so much for the services that you provide. These webinars and member meetings have been invaluable to keep abreast of DEI issues and challenges, and to have a sense of a support network of 'like minded' people to be connected with on this journey, especially this year.  I am so grateful for you. I am willing to support your efforts with my skills and talents in any way that I can.  Feel free to engage me."  

​​​Andrea Cisco

    COO, FutureWork Institute

COO, International MultiCultural Institute

What Our Members Say

To be the leading voice of the DEI profession globally

How We Serve

"I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the founders of the IAC, to all its stewards, committee chairs and members for creating, maintaining and growing this important container for learning, growing, connecting and serving that is the IAC. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


Information and links to current  Diversity and Inclusion career opportunities categorized by level and industry and updated on a weekly basis.

Individual Members

Our Founders

Inclusion Allies Coalition

What We Do

A continually updated collection of resources for helping individuals and groups to Dialogue Across Differences, including dialogue approaches, webinars, articles, resource guides, etc..

We provide resources, advocacy, conferences and webinars for dialogues across differences to promote inclusion. . 

(Unlimited) employee access to world class IAC webinars

Social Media Content provided by Organization

Logo on Website and Newsletter (tied to new website platform)

Company profile/articles on website/newsletter (2nd half)

Employee access to IAC Mentoring Program

Access to and ability to post positions on DEI careers page

Access to world class webinars and private engagement with leaders via “after show”

Resources, research studies and reports from IAC webinars — useful for academic work, business integration and industry research

Mentorship opportunities with top industry leaders

Social media exposure and recognition

Career Opportunities

Online membership directory with valuable industry contacts (2nd half of 2021)

Membership Benefits

Greg Jenkins

     Founder & CEO, Greg Jenkins Consulting

​Co-Chair IAC Leadership Council

​​Mary-Frances Winters

    President & CEO 

​The Winters Group, Inc.

​Leslie Traub

     Principal Consultant, Udarta Consulting 

​Chair & Chief Consulting Officer, Cook Ross